1840 Stout

Milk chocolate oatmeal stout
5.0%, 30.9 IBU, 34.7 SRM

1840 Stout

On April 18, 1840, a dock fire spread to a gunpowder warehouse which exploded, spreading the fire and burning the downtown core. To prevent similar incidents, the city began building with limestone a phase which was referred to as the “Limestone Revolution” and earned us the name “The Limestone City”.

Our 1840 Stout is a thick yet refreshing, full bodied stout with pronounced espresso, chocolate and nut flavours and a smooth creamy finish. This combination creates a beer both a stout-lover and non-stout drinker will enjoy which we expect will start a “Stout Revolution” of their own.

Fire of 1840
1.89L Growler $12.00 + Deposit
750mL Grumbler $5.00 + Deposit
473mL Aluminum Bottles Currently Unavailable

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1840 Session Stout


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